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Major Project Completed On Time, Under Budget


Pelstar recently completed a major project on time and under budget for a major producer in the Gulf of Mexico. Pelstar was entrusted to provide services upgrading a critical compressor with only a 48 hour window to do the work. Timing and planning was critical as production was to stop while this work was to be performed. 

Pelstar dispatched two-four men crews to work around the clock to tackle the job.  They were: Charles Cook, James Henley, James Price, Connor Hagan, Malory Belgard, Peter Tornblom, Kevin Salsman, and Brian Hunn. Afterword’s, our customer sent out several emails congratulating the work conducted by Pelstar on and finishing on time and in budget. 

The customer had this to say: I would like to say that the Pelstar crew that was sent out to the our location  for the compressor upgrade, was one of the best group of technicians in my 28 years offshore I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Each and every one of the men was very professional.  The job site stayed clean at all times no matter if it was day or night. We would like Pelstar to know this, as we have passed it on to our management team and to the crews before their departure.  

Pelstar is very proud as to how our personnel worked tirelessly to get the job done right and on time!