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Vapor Recovery Units For Any Application

In addition to our rotating equipment services, Pelstar offers prepackaged and custom fabrication of vapor recovery units designed to handle any application. Our standard offerings include natural gas, diesel, and electric motor drivers complete with scrubbers, heat exchangers, instrumentation and controls. We can also offer short-packs without controls or drivers, giving the end user the added flexibility to integrate our packages into their supply chain with commonality of existing equipment.

One Size Does Not Fit All

At Pelstar, we realize that every vapor recovery application is unique. From gas compositions, flow rate variations, and ambient conditions, Pelstar offers several types of vapor recovery units to cover the range of vapor recovery applications. Our Applications Engineers will work with you to select the best solution to your problem:

  • Reciprocating
  • Rotary Screw
  • Rotary Vane

Offshore Units Ready & Available

Pelstar provides both land and offshore, ready units.  Our offshore packages are built with offshore standards and regulations in mind to keep you in compliance without the need to retrofit.

  • API-RP 14C Compliant Safety System
  • API-RP 14E & ASME B31.3 Piping Designs
  • In-Service Testable Pressure Switches
  • Externally Bridled Level Instrumentation
  • Lockable and Testable Pressure Safety Valves
  • TSE Loops
  • Proprietary Low Pressure Scrubber Drain Systems
  • Seal Welded Structural Components
  • 3 Coat Paint System

The LRG-9 - Robust, Innovative, Reliable

Pelstar's LRG-9 by LeRoi is an exciting new approach to reciprocating VRUs. The LRG-9 utilizes advanced packing and valve technologies to eliminate the weakness shown by the competition and strengthen the advantages of a reciprocating compressor. For more information, download the LRG-9 Brochure.


Source to Sales

Pelstar's reciprocating and rotary screw VRUs are capable of matching sales line pressures eliminating the need for secondary gathering units. Contact our Applications Engineers to find out which equipment would best suit your needs.

Reliable Equipment for Reliable Results

Our expert equipment selection will help to alleviate excessive maintenance and downtime costs. We work with our OEM's engineers to ensure that our package will perform as expected under your operating conditions.

To learn more about Pelstar’s Vapor Recovery Units contact us.